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Greedy Cafe Game

Please go through the shared information below to learn about the Greedy Cafe Game.

What is a Greedy Cafe Game?

The game is a spin the wheel format, where you are provided a random chance to win free coins as rewards. The higher the value of the item acquired, the higher the value of the potential rewards.

How to play?

Please select a purchase amount & food item chat bubble from the given slots. You can choose multiple purchase amounts & multiple items in a single round. Also, you can top your purchase amount on all selected food items as many times as you like.

What if I click on 'cancel' after purchasing the coins?

Please be informed, that the amount will not be refunded once you cancel on purchase.

Where can I check my virtual items & rewards?

All your goodies or virtual items will be reflected in your active items in the store section & your rewards (in the case of coins) will be reflected in the transaction history.

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