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How to increase followers, views likes, comments?

The number of likes, views, and followers is based on algorithms depending on the quality of content posted on the platform. So, keep posting good quality and entertaining, content. You will soon get a better reach.

We do have some suggestions which might help you to gain more views, likes, and followers:

  • Add correct and relevant tags to ensure more reach for your post.

  • Original content is likely to get more views and engagements (likes/comments/shares).

  • Uploading duplicate content that is already present on Sharechat might reduce the reach of your post.

  • Uploading the same post multiple times is not advised.

  • Ensure high-quality resolution of the image or video you upload to get more views.

  • Adding a meaningful caption will help to better engage with your audience.

  • Eye-catching and entertaining content with exciting images, beautiful backgrounds, and interesting situations usually perform well.

  • Avoid posting meaningless content and incomplete videos.

  • Content that has obscenity, violence, nudity, abusive language, or bullying will be removed from the app and will not get any visibility.

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