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Why has my Cashout option been disabled in the chatroom?

We would like to inform you of an important update regarding cashout features and chatroom management in our platform.

Our goal is to provide a fair and secure environment for all our users, and this update is designed to ensure a consistent and transparent experience.

Please be informed of the following scenarios:

1) If you have two chatrooms with the same ID—one organic chatroom & another associated with an agency.

2) If you have two different chatrooms on the same device, one for the organic chatroom and another for the agency, but you use different IDs for each chatroom.

In both of these cases, we want to notify you that the cashout feature will be disabled. Instead, all payments will exclusively be processed through the agency.

If you wish to enable the cashout feature, we kindly request that you dissolve all chatrooms associated with the agency. Once this is done, please inform us, and we will take action on a case-by-case basis to assist you further.

This policy has been implemented to maintain fairness and prevent potential misuse of the system.

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