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Why my post has been removed/discarded? OR My post automatically got deleted?

To prevent post removal, avoid duplicates, 18+ content, and use relevant tags.

In our continuous endeavour to create a safe environment, we proactively Moderate content. If your content goes against our Community Guidelines, we’ll remove it. We’ll also notify you so you can better understand the reason behind the removal. Depending on what policy the content went against, and your history of previous violations, your account may also be restricted or disabled.However, if you believe your content did not violate our Community Guidelines and was removed you can complain to us using our Grievance Flow by following the below Steps. We will take another look at to decision we made and if we find your content was not violative as per our Guidelines your content will be restored.

  • Go to ‘Profile’.

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner.

  • Click on “Account Settings” and under that click on “Violations”

  • Locate the content you are referring to and then click on “Complaint” & write the reason for the same and Submit the request.

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