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Why song playlist is not visible in the chatroom.

Due to technical limitations, m4a songs are not supported, please check file format, if issue persists, try reinstalling the app for improved performance.

Please be informed, that due to technical limitations, unfortunately, m4a songs are currently not supported, and as a result, any m4a audio file will not be visible in the chatroom.

To ensure a seamless experience, we kindly request you to check whether the song(s) you wish to play in the chatroom is not in M4A format. If you happen to have an M4A file, we recommend converting it to a supported audio format such as MP3.

If the song is not in M4A format and you are still encountering the same issue, then we request you please uninstall & re-install the app once. We believe that it might resolve the underlying issues and improve the overall app performance.

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